Dermatology Services in New Plymouth and Wellington

Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible when having a skin check. Regardless of the examination, we know that patients may feel as if a skin check could be a little intrusive, which is why we take all measures to ensure you are at ease with the process. With an experienced and dedicated team, we know the importance of skin care and are happy to answer any concerns you may have. 
We have a beautiful but very hot climate in New Zealand during summer. 
As much as we love to stay outdoors, we are also at risk of developing skin cancer if we’re not well shaded. 
If you are concerned about a mole that has developed, you should have it checked out. 
We examine skin for both cancerous and non-cancerous moles that could lead to melanoma. 

Skin Cancer

It is very important to avoid the risk of the development of invasive skin cancer. Often lesions that do not appear dangerous to the untrained eye, may actually be dangerous and invasive and need urgent assessment and treatment.

Mole Checks

Regular checks of moles are important to avoid the progression of a mole to melanoma.

Skin Cancer Surgery

All of our skin cancer surgery is done under local anaesthesia and you will be home on the same day. Most skin excisions typically take 45 minutes to an hour.

Skin Cancer Treatments

We provide a range of skin cancer treatments, from cryotherapy, to creams, to simple skin excisions to complex skin excisions requiring a flap or a graft for closure. Your dermatologist shall thoroughly assess your skin and recommend the best treatment option for you.

Skin Cancer Removal

People that are diagnosed with skin cancer early , have a greater success of it being fully removed and completely 

Melanoma Checks

Melanoma is usually asymptomatic until it has irreversibly spread. We therefore recommend skin checks from a dermatologist regularly to avoid this risk.


Eczema is an autoimmune condition. The first sign is the skin feels dry and itchy and loses its normal protective barrier function. Early expert diagnosis and treatment by a dermatologist can achieve the best control and can avoid it from becoming a longer term chronic condition.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where the skin becomes flaky, scaly, red and sometimes itchy and sore. It often occurs in patches. It may also cause dandruff and scalp irritation. Your dermatologist will carefully assess your skin and outline the best treatment options for you.


Acne can start as small comedones, pimples or lumps under the skin, that can become sore, red, pustular and disfiguring. We recommend early assessment and treatment by a dermatologist to prevent progression and scarring.


Cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen can be used to treat many surface skin conditions including warts and some early skin cancers. Treatment is fast and instantaneous.

Other skin services available and skin conditions treated

  • Patch testing / allergy testing 
  • Itch / pruritus
  • Rosacea
  • Phototherapy 
  • Fungal rashes 
  • Skin boils / infections 
  • Seborrheic dermatitis 
  • Dandruff 
  • All other skin conditions 
  • Referrals to other specialists

Call us on New Plymouth 06 769 9185 or Wellington  04 499 0229

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